How Food Affects Mind & Mind Affects Food

How Food Affects Mind  & Mind Affects Food

How Food Affects Mind  & Mind Affects Food

Can food really have that much of effect on Mind?
Have you noticed the central role food plays in your life?
Obviously, food plays central role in life & it affects on mind also.

As well as observing the general principles of nutrition, of appeal & enjoyment,food also has a spiritual  component. The spiritual aspect of diet incorporates the purchase, preparation, acceptance and eating of food.Food that is selected with care, prepared with love, accepted with gratitude and eaten with purity becomes a tonic for both the soul and the body. The underlying ingredient is consciousness. Where the consciousness is clean, filled with love and detachment, the food is purified, and this also purifies the body. As a result, the mind is cleaned to become free from desires and engrossment in the sense organs.
If u study the diet of the ancient yogis of India, you will notice that their approach to eating was very refined.Their were only certain types of food that they accepted, and the yogi did not over-indulge nor allowed himself/herself to be influenced by the sense of sight, smell and taste. A yogi will often fix certain times for eating & drinking and maintain that discipline. A spiritual path means to be attentive to what one eats. Abstinence from meat,egg & fish (as well as the by-products of slaughtered animals such as gelatin and rennet), from alcohol,tobacco,drugs and too much tea & coffee, is a part of the way of life of spirituality. For Spiritual reasons, many people also avoid onion, garlic and heavy spices which act as stimulants in the endocrine system and thus destabilize emotions.The diet of a yogi thus incorporates two main principles :

  • Not to cause suffering to another living being
  • Not to overstimulate the Physiological system (digestive,nervous & endocrine systems).
A basic equation that many of us are familiar with is,"As you eat, so is your mind".This is a fundamental spiritual tenet. The type and quality of food & the manner of eating affects the state of mind. Food that has been implicated in the slaughter of animals  carries a karmic debt and that becomes a burden on the human soul. Food or drink that has a stimulating effect on the body also carries a toxic load that gradually sets in motion the disease process (e.g : cancer , arterial plaque,diabetes,gallstones etc). Food that is eaten in a state of tension, anxiety,depression,anger or fear will carry those thoughts pattern and vibrations and hence affects digestion. The hormones stimulated by those vibrations in turn create further negative vibrations and hormones, and the cycle continues.

The Spiritual approach to diet includes preparing food in meditative state with feelings of love and detachment. When one feels desire-less, yet cooks with love either for the self, family and friends in the memory of God, this will carry a subtle power that energies the soul and the body. Within the parameters of an accurate spiritual diet however, its good to accept food with gratitude and not become too focused on "I can't eat this or i can't eat that" unless there specific health needs. Some people have developed the art of combining food and these days organic foods are more popular since the effect of pesticides, fertilizers and antibiotics (which also effects milk, yogurt, butter and cheese) on contamination of food have become more well known. Macrobiotics is becoming more popular but doesn't necessary equate with spirituality.
          Any of these diets are good for health, the environment and awareness , but if the person following a strict regime becomes too fanatical and creates stress as a result, then many of the positive benefits will automatically be lost. 
Spirituality also includes sharing. There is nothing more wonder full than to share a beautifully cooked meal with others. By sharing , we lose our sense of attachment to food and the body  and overcome greed. The natural sustenance of food is enhanced by the power of pure vibrations and this also brings benefits on a spiritual level. Our method to bring harmony and unity in any gathering, weather it be a family, a company or amongst friends is to eat together. Food cooked with love will help to generate those feelings. 
Mothers know the power of food in settling the feelings of children and bringing a sense of contentment.

Source : (Purity Bureau)

Want to tweak your food for better moods? Here are 5 tips:

1. Reduce highly processed foods.
2. Make plant foods the majority of your plate.
3. Reduce animal fat.
4. Eat more fermented foods.
5.Avoid eating when you are angry, stressed or sad.