About Brahma Kumaris

About Brahma Kumaris

Brahma Kumaris Organization

Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, (Brahma Kumaris in short) is a unique Vishwa Vidyalaya ( university) and a well known spiritual value based educational institution.
IT began in Hyderabad, Sindh (now in Pakistan) in the year 1936, when extraordinary events unfolded in the life of Dada Lekhraj, a wealthy diamond merchant who had risen from humble beginnings to become one of the most respected members of his community.

The institution imparts knowledge and experience that enable a person to face the problems of life in a calm, composed and confident manner. Such a person can lead a life of inner satisfaction and kindle in others stable faith in goodness and brings honor to his nation.
They also teach theory and practice of Rajyoga Meditation so that man’s mind becomes free from tension, bias, prejudices, hypocrisy, jealousy, hatred, greed, ego and such other negative tendencies that cause conflict in the society and degrade the person himself.

Prajapita Brahma – The Founder

Initially it was the founder himself, Dada Lekhraj who held meetings in his home to “discuss and seek truth”.
Dada Lekhraj was born in a Hyderabad, Sindh in 1876. He became extremely wealthy from a jewellery business in Calcutta. In his fifties, Lekhraj reported having visions and retired, returning to Hyderabad and turning to spirituality.
In 1932, Lekhraj established a spiritual organisation called Om Mandali.

Lekhraj died on 18 January 1969, and the Brahma Kumaris subsequently expanded to other countries

Administrators :

 Dadi Jankiji :Chief of the Brahmakumaris

 Dadi Jankiji

Dadi Hridaymohiniji : Additional Chief of the Brahmakumaris

Dadi Hridaymohiniji