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నేటికోసం మేటి సంకల్పం 

Brahma Kumaris Telugu Quotes



What is a Blessing?

All of the major religions view a blessing as a special favor handed to a person from that religion's highest deity. A blessing from God, Buddha or Muhammad,Christ etc. was a special event that meant health and prosperity for the people who received the blessing. Less discussed but often used are blessings for other objects, such as a building or food. These blessings are meant to bestow strength, power, durability or usefulness to those items.

Today, our world needs blessings of peace, love, compassion and happiness. Each of us can make our contributions in our own small ways and still make a big difference. If we send focused energy of blessings, we can surely transform the vibration of the world.

How a Blessing Works :

Blessings express our feelings. They need not be traditional ones. They simply need to come from the heart. When they do, they can change lives.


Blessing is a high power, pure energy or vibration which we create as thoughts and also express in words. It is important to remember that whoever our blessing is directed towards – it could be an individual, a group of people, an entire country’s population or the whole planet itself – it certainly reaches them. Being energy, it can travel even to the farthest corner of the world.

Some People came in your life as blessings, others came in your life as lessons

Blessings From GOD


Blessings are pure and powerful thoughts and words we create. We can give blessings to our self – for any sanskar we want to change, for the health of our body, for our relationships and work. Blessing means creating a thought or words of what we want the reality to be, even though it is not reality at present. It is an affirmation which radiates energy, the vibration of which creates the reality.

1. To change a sanskar of anger, Blessing – “I am a Peaceful Soul. I accept everyone as they are. I express my opinion, but with dignity. I get work done with discipline. Peace and Patience is my nature.”

2. To change a sanskar of being late, Blessing – “I am a Powerful Soul. I can be everything I choose to be. I have a sanskar of Punctuality and I always reach before time.”

3. For good health, Blessing – “I am a Pure Soul. Every cell of my body is filled with love and happiness. I have released all past hurt. My body and mind is perfect and healthy.”

4. To heal a relationship, Blessing – “I am a Loveful Soul. I create all my relationships. My relationship with ___ is a perfect relationship. All past emotions are over. We now exchange only love and acceptance for each other.”

Similarly we can create Blessings for our work or any other situation in life. Every morning create the blessing and visualize it at least 5 times. Before going to sleep these should be the last thoughts. After every hour, pause for a minute and create the blessing. Take care not to create thoughts which are opposite of the blessings, even if you can see them in reality.

 5 ways to be a blessing to others

1. Pray For Someone.
2. Pay For A Drive-Through Meal
3. Offer words of encouragement.
4. Give a Compliment
5. Write A Thank You Note

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18th January -Brahma Baba's Remembrance Day

18th January:Brahma Baba's Remembrance Day.

Pitashri Brahma Baba Remembrance Day: January 18th

Pitashri Brahma was one such leading luminary who had dedicated his entire life, wealth, time, thoughts and energy in the uphill task of awakening and strengthening divinity in people and society for the world renewal and regeneration of moral and spiritual character and conduct of humankind.

Pitashri  Brahma Baba        Brahma Baba

Pitashri Brahma who was earlier known to the world as Dada Lekhraj Kriplani, was born to a village school teacher in Hyderabad Sind (undivided India) in 1876. Like morning showing the day, righteous qualities like piety, sobriety, religiosity, philanthropy, compassion and concern for the poor, weaker and vulnerable sections of society, were more manifested from the very childhood days of  Dada Lekhraj.

Dada could not understand the real portent of his experiences, but gradually it became clear that he was on the verge of a spiritual transition that was not only going to transform his own life, but that of many others as well.  The final point of the transition came when Dada’s angelic form became the medium for the Supreme to use to give spiritual knowledge.

A powerful and hushed presence, a vibration that speaks in the silence and seems to bring awe and wonder - a presence that is not human…  but he cease to be aware of them - cease to be aware of anything but the long lines of light shooting at him, like white hot wires, from a point of focus so totally concentrated that he cannot bear to look at it, in  mind’s eye… cannot bear to see it, with thoughts or with eyes… he felt transfixed by the current in those lines, those subtle wires that run right through him and glow almost unbearably hot… burning so brightly and powerfully, he was staring at the people in the room but his eyes see noting except this deep glow, a pervading red and gold, a subtle energy of life itself, glowing deep down burning and cooling at the same time - he dragged gently into a depth-less Ocean of totally cooling peace… the light comes from his face and eyes, head, and note and ears, and when he open his mouth to speak, it is as if he speak words carved out of red gold light… but they are not his words, showing Himself and showing surely that He will show more… His words…

Nija anand Swarup Shivoham Shivoham
Gyan Swarupum Shivoham Shivoham
Prakash Swarupum Shivoham Shivoham...

Brahma Baba left his body in 1969 at the age of 93. The Tower of Peace (Shanti Stambh) stands as a tribute to the invincible spirit of an ordinary human being who achieved greatness by rising up to the challenge of the deeper truths of life.

Brahma Baba-Shanti Stambh

        Shanti Stambh                Shanti Stambh

Even though,Pitashri Brahma is no more in mortal body of blood & flesh but in his angelic form of light and might, he is still guiding his one million staunch followers and rest of the humanity on the path of spiritual enlightenment, material, mental and moral empowerment & enrichment towards all engulfing rays of “Divinity, Hope & Happiness”—which is the current year theme of this global organization which is observing 18th January as World Peace & Meditation Day.
ब्रह्मा बाबा विशेष पांच कदम

ब्रह्मा बाबा विशेष पांच कदम


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