5 Types of Concentration in Yogic Life

 5 Types of Concentration in Yogic Life  

5 Types of Concentration in Yogic Life

What is Concentration?


The action or power of focusing all one's attention.Concentration is the ability to direct one’s attention in accordance with one’s will. It means control of the attention. It is the ability to focus the mind on one subject, object or thought, and at the same time exclude from the mind every other unrelated thoughts, ideas, feelings and sensations.

 Types of Concentration:

With in yogic life Concentration is extremely important & essential for yoga-sadhana. Not only in yogic life but also to attain a higher destination in worldly life, concentration is essential.

  There are many times of concentration.when we say concentration, usually the awareness doesn't come into our intellect that many types of concentration are hidden in this subject. Concentration exist when there is pin-pointed awareness.Otherwise it won't be full concentration.If there is awareness of this or that,then concentration is incomplete. Due to that ,our yoga is not going to be completely intense.It will not be such intense yoga that the fire is fully ignited,burning & extremely filled with light.A very mild stage of yoga would be there, but it will not be a powerful one.Thus there will not be a powerful experience also.

5 Types Of Concentration  are :

2) Concentration of Viram(Pause) 
3) Concentration of Desires 
4) Concentration of Aim
5) Concentration of Happiness.

Of the Many types of concentration, the first one is 

Concentration of Thoughts :
Concentration of Thoughts

 It is the Natural nature of the mind to keep thinking something or someone.However , our minds should not wander here & there.they should remain bound to whatever thoughts are essential.They should not think wasteful thoughts, nor should there be the leakage of thoughts.such a state of mind has concentration of thought.Creating more thoughts in the mind has become the nature of man,while sitting in the hall, to keep thinking about what tasks still have to be finished today.he is making an entire agenda while sitting in the hall.It doesn't happen that the mind is focused on whatever we have to listen to,or wherever it should be focused.

Concentration of Viram(Pause) :
Concentration of Viram

Another type of concentration is Concentration of  talking a pause.It is the concentration of giving rest to mind, the intellect & to karma. Viram means applying a full stop. wherever the mind, intellect & speech have to be given a pause or full-stop, they immediately have to come to a stop.It should not be the case that the intellect takes us somewhere with compulsion. It should be under our control such that whatever we wish to think, we think that only & that much only.Whenever we want to apply a brake, er can apply it & instantaneously everything comes to a state of rest. There is a great significance of viram.is Someone keeps writing on and on and doesn't apply full-stop, then lots of confusion emerges. One Full-stop makes a lot of difference.  

Concentration of Desires :
Concentration of Desires

A third type of concentration is the concentration of desires & wishes.If there are too many desires & wishes, then the person is riding as if upon two horses.If a person rides upon two horses without the reins,then what would be his state? If desires are horses ,then one who rides on them would surely be a crazy or wisdom-less fellow,because desires are such that they hang a man upside down.

Concentration of Aim :
Concentration of Aim

Fourth is concentration of Aim.Our Aim should be one.If our aim keeps changing, the how we will we concentrate? The rhythm of thoughts would be broken.Many people have the nature & quality of having one aim today & another aim tomorrow.They are not steady in there minds.They don't set an ultimate goals.So we should Concentrate on one Aim only.

Concentration of Happiness :

Concentration of Happiness

Finally, there is the concentration of happiness. We should not remember painful matters,those through which the soul again experiences waves of sorrow. Don't remember such things you may feel sorrow.  Remember such points which can give happiness to your mind.If you want to talk,then talk about the things of happiness in your life.If you want remember, then remember the incidents of happiness.How nice those days were!

If we practice all of these types of concentration, then our concentration will thoroughly increases.

Tips for Improving Concentration

1. Practice Rajayoga Medation.
2. Be more physically active.
3. Employ nonjudgmental thinking.
4. Get proper sleep.
5. Develop competitive plans
6. Practice eye control.
7. Stay focused in the present.
8. Over-learn skills.

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